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Automatic garage door stopped working

05/13/2014 Back To Blog

There are many reasons why your automatic garage door has stopped working or is not working as normally as you would expect.  Before you check for options for automatic garage door repair, you can deal with a number of common faults yourself.Automatic garage door stopped working

Check the sensors

Most automatic doors have sensors that can be easily obstructed, which affects the normal activation of the sensors that will prevent the door from closing properly.

Check your remote

If you use a remote to open and close the door, but it has stopped working, then it is best to check the batteries in the remote and replace them.  You can check for faults with the remote if you have a wall switch that operates the door, which when pressed should operate the door.  You may also need to reprogram the remote.

Electronic interference

Some other devices can interfere with the operation mechanisms such as an alarm system or other electrical items that are charging or are plugged into your wall sockets.  Problems with the power supplying the wall switch could be a reason why it does not work.

You may sometimes notice that the garage door does not open properly.  There may also be a problem with the close limit switch if the motor keeps running once the door has been opened.  If this happens, it is worth trying to adjust the switch on the power unit.  Similarly, if the door closes part of the way, or if it begins to open again as soon as it closes, then the close limit switch may need adjusting.

If your door openers are not working, and you hear clicking noises from the relay of the door, then you may find that there is a problem with the door lock or something blocking the electronic sensor.

Still having problems?

Only after trying those tips and there is no significant improvement in the operation of the garage door, then it is time to consider an automatic garage door service repair. The experts at garage door repair Cheval will be able to provide you with a price for the repair.  If the door cannot be repaired because it is obsolete or you want to just replace it, then time has come for a new automatic garage door installation.   You will have a wide choice of doors available from well-known manufacturers in styles to suit your requirements.  This may provide you with an opportunity to remodel your garage entrance.

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