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Disconnecting the motor

If you are performing any type of repair work or even minor maintenance tasks like lubrication, always remember to disconnect the power supply to the motor. This is an important safety measure as anyone is likely to operate the remote or the switches without knowing that you are already inside.

Do not use the opener remote control without seeing the garage door clearly

This is one of the major safety precautions which every user must take. You have to confirm that there are no people or objects near the door before opening it and especially before closing it. Avoid engaging the opener when looking in the opposite direction or turning around the street corner.

Fixing squeaky rollers

A little humming and clanking is expected when you're opening or closing your garage door but annoying squeaks are certainly not welcome. The main culprits are the rollers. The rollers may be old, may be stuck due to dirt or rust or the tracks may have been bent out of place. You can have your rollers replaced with metallic or non-metallic ones. If you wish to use your old ones, you can clean them up and lubricate them to decrease friction.

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