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Garage Door Springs in FloridaTorsion Spring Maintenance

The first step involves checking the spring for damage. Deep scrapes, deformed coils and chips at the ends are all serious problems which should not be ignored. If the component is in poor condition, it should be replaced. If it looks fine, it is time for lubrication maintenance. Any dirt should be removed beforehand. Big sticky or hardened accumulations are best removed with solvent. The ideal lubricant is light, non-sticky and resistant to hardening at low temperatures. It should be applied evenly across all coils. The spring’s tension is tested by disconnecting the opener and lifting the door manually halfway up. Upon release, the door should not move. If it goes up or down, the tension should be adjusted.

Replacing a Broken Spring

Sooner or later, any torsion or extension garage door spring will break. This usually happens when the door is closed so you should not worry about it collapsing on the floor. As the tension is released from the spring, there is a very loud bang. Extension springs must be equipped with safety cables which will prevent the broken pieces from shooting out and causing damage and injury. The broken spring requires replacement right away. The old pieces are removed carefully and the new component is mounted. It is connected to the other parts of the system and adjusted accurately. Since there is a risk of injury, this job is done very carefully. Testing the door will show how well the newly installed spring works. The door should open and close smoothly at optimal speed.

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