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Garage Door Springs Repair

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

Garage door springs are quite very important for the smooth opening and closing of your garage. They are subjected to high tension that helps make the lifting and closing of an overhead garage door easier. They work along with other moving parts such as the tracks, rollers, and cable among others for their fuss-free function.Garage Door Springs Repair

Since the springs are always worked out with every move of the door, they are also likely to suffer from the common wear and tear of regular use. An old spring can cause an imbalance in your unit, which cannot be resolved by mere garage door torsion spring adjustment. You need to replace the part to become confident with your door’s function.

Always replace springs in a set for your sectional doors

Most sectional doors do not only have torsion springs installed, but also side mounted springs that are placed on either side of the tracks. If your unit happens to have more than one type of springs installed, you should always ensure to change the whole set instead of just one part.

When faced with a broken spring repair, homeowners who are new to the world of garage doors may not be able to understand the sense in buying a whole set when only one part is damaged. But it is definitely advisable, as the experts in garage door company Cheval state. Why? Well, garage door springs work hand in hand in the process of door opening and closing. If one of the springs breaks, will the other’s demise be too far behind? Definitely not. So, to avoid going through the whole process all over again, you should change both springs to correct your door’s function. That would also keep your home secure, minus the nightmare of exposing your family and property to the possible hazards of a faulty door.

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